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 If a swan comes across your path, it is said to herald the development of awareness, intuition, grace, healing, and transformation.  Swans, as a totem represent the awakening of one’s inner beauty, the ability to bridge it to the outer world, and the power to accept change. The swan in my logo just came across your path…click below so I can help you make the most of it!

Please enjoy, make use of, and share our blog containing tips, ideas, thoughts, practices, and perspectives on living authentically… who we are at our core, as opposed to who we’ve been told we should be by well-meaning family, friends, the media and society.

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How Knowing Your Intentions Can Help Determine Your Behavior

Many of us who are on a spiritual path and doing our work tend to grapple with seemingly trite and strange questions to those who are less inclined to be as introspective.  My client, Dean was in such a place several years ago. Dean’s a really good guy, sometimes, too...

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Are You A Victim Of Spiritual Bypassing?

When difficult times strike, and they will, it’s important to acknowledge how you feel, act authentically from that place as best you can, and not bypass your feelings.  The best way to the other side of a difficult situation is usually by going straight through it. ...

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Why and How The Way You Pray May Not Work

*Please substitute, Universe, Higher Power, Buddha, or whatever YOU refer to when you pray. My ever so wise spiritual Godmother, teacher, and astrologer, Blanche Colangeli, used to say, “Lorraine, there are no atheists in a foxhole.”  It made sense to me and got me...

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Live Interview on Women Entrepreneurs Empowering Leaders

Studies show we make 35,000 decisions a day and are tolerating up to 200 things in any given moment. No wonder we are exhausted.  I share some practical ways to eliminate these energy drains in this video of my Facebook Live Interview on Women Entrepreneurs Empowering...

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    ONE GOOD TIP TO HELP YOU GET TO HAPPY August 18, 2019,  To be happy with who you are in this life requires internal focus, getting to know and accept YOUrself. Internal focus is an ongoing process because we are always growing, evolving, and...

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Five Easy Steps To Eliminate Things That Drain Your Energy

Energy drains are anything we tolerate and/or put up with.  They distract us from more important things in life and drain our physical, mental, and emotional energy.  Thomas Leonard, the founder of the coaching movement, defined them as "compromises we've talked...

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Lorraine emphasizes self-discovery, enhancing authenticity, and personal foundation work in her coaching for individuals, groups and small businesses.

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