Time and Energy Maximizing Assessment

Maximize your energy by monitoring how it fluctuates and take advantage of how YOU function best, when YOU function best.

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Lorraine emphasizes self-discovery, enhancing authenticity, and personal foundation work in her coaching for individuals, groups and small businesses.

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Our Clients Speak…

“When I first started working with Lorraine, I was not aware of how much I lacked control of my own actions and how that lack of control produced chaos in so many areas of my life.  In addition, my self-esteem was non-existent, in part because I never focused on me.  I was too busy taking care of everyone else.  Working with Lorraine, I learned that I too had the right to live, and dream, and hope, and be. Lorraine held a space for me to find my way to, and take care of myself.  In doing that, I now take even better care of others in my life without it being at my own expense.  Her genuine interest and concern for my health and well being meant so much to me as did her determination to leave me better than she found me.  And when it was time, her ability to let me go back into the world, as the new empowered and improved version of myself, was selfless.” -Robin White

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