I sincerely believe it is our fear of the unknown that keeps us stuck, often in self-destructive behavior.

We tend to do and live only what we know. By knowing something different, we can become unafraid and and live something different. That is why I coach clients through the process of discovering who they are, determining what they want, and fearlessly attaining it.

My Story

Several years ago, I was a “successful” Vice President of Marketing for a financial institution. I was making a reasonable salary, had a beautiful office in the executive suite, a very competent staff, and all the perks that went with the position and title. I had only one problem. I was miserable. I was working very long hours, had no time for a personal or social life, ate poorly and was always too exhausted to do much other than work. I felt, stuck and disconnected, but was too busy to focus on why I was so disconsolate.

Eventually, I got sick, really sick. In fact, I almost died several times. I didn’t make the connection between being unhappy and being sick, so I went back to work. I got sick again. Within a few weeks I had to have surgery.

Working from home while recovering, I started feeling ill during a conference call. I knew immediately what I had to do. I got off the phone, wrote my resignation letter and in a complete leap of faith, delivered it. I told myself it was so I could take time to really heal and recover, but on a deeper level I knew I was through with being miserable and needed to reflect on why “success” was making me sick.

The bottom line was that the life I had been living wasn’t mine. Therefore the success I had attained didn’t belong to me either. It wasn’t bad, just bad for me. The next and more difficult questions were, if I am not that person, then who am I? What do I need to be happy? What do I want (which is a little more negotiable) and where do I begin to look for the answers? I had climbed the ladder of success to the top, only to discover it was propped up against the wrong wall. I knew my journey to self-discovery was something I couldn’t afford NOT to do. If I didn’t’ know who I was, how could I know what I needed and wanted, much less be happy.

Why I Coach

So, I embarked on the long, lonely, yet enlightening and worthwhile process of getting to know the most important person in my life – me. Not the me I should be, according to society or anyone else. I studied and embraced many important and rewarding lifestyle changes… including extreme-self care, boundary setting and learning to say no, trusting and honoring my instincts, and maintaining a sense of balance in a seemingly unbalanced world, all skills I now recognize as essential to a healthy, happy life. In the process, I discovered that my passion and purpose is to help others with their journeys of self-discovery. I went back to school and became a Life Coach.

I now coach others in living balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives, so they don’t have to get sick to begin their journey to themselves, their passions, and their life purpose.

I know from experience that the hardest part is taking the first step; I don’t want anyone to have to take it alone.

I partner with my clients by asking the right questions, showing them where the answers may be found, providing them with the tools and support they need to create positive changes in their lives and gently holding them accountable as they define their authentic hopes, dreams and goals. I share the many techniques, assessments and modalities I have learned and help empower my clients to live fearlessly.

I am a graduate of Coach U. With Core Essentials and Advanced Coaching certificates representing close to 200 hours of training. In addition to individual coaching, I lead online classes on coaching related issues and facilitate developmental workshops for small organizations and non-profit boards of directors. I have a bachelor’s degree from New York University.

Lorraine emphasizes self-discovery, enhancing authenticity, and personal foundation work in her coaching for individuals, groups and small businesses.

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