When you work on your own growth, it has a positive impact on the generations before and after you.  The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results.

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Lorraine emphasizes self-discovery, enhancing authenticity, and personal foundation work in her coaching for individuals, groups and small businesses.

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Our Clients Speak…

“I highly recommend Lorraine. She asked the right questions so I could discover my own answers.” – M. Glicksman

“Lorraine offers exceptional Life Coaching services. As a colleague and friend, she has assisted me over the years when I needed support, wisdom, and guidance. When my father became ill, the first person I thought of to cover my clinical practice was Lorraine! She is compassionate, highly intuitive and one of the kindest women I know. I highly recommend her.” – Rose Suzanne

“Lorraine is truly a coach. If you’re willing do the work, she provides the space. If you are looking to address your true concerns, she will help you do just that. Growth is assured. Her commitment enables her clients to maximize their commitment to themselves and live their most authentic life.” -Robin White